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campaign against covid-19 epidemic
release time:2020-08-13


the year 2020 is coming to us with a magical beginning, and we, the people of longhan, are ready to face the new challenge under covid-19.


we have carried out a series of disinfection measures from the office to the facotry. in the factory, colleagues who are on duty wear masks during working, and other colleagues will work from home.



we are actively involved in the prevention and control of the epidemic. after the outbreak of the epidemic, volunteers were also recruited in various places. as a member of longhan, da bing also joined the volunteers on behalf of szefang. volunteers sprayed disinfectant in enterprises and communities,main entrance of buildings,canteens and other public areas. they also volunteered to help neighborhoods to prevent coronavirus transmission and infection. through da bing's experience as a volunteer, he appreciated how hard it is to work to control of the epidemic.he urged everyone to wear masks, wash hands and disinfect frequently, and stay at home.



longhan-sifang will stay at the frontline of epidemic prevention.


longhan-sifang will stay at the frontline of epidemic prevention.

during the epidemic, both longhan and szefang made a lot of efforts in prevention. no matter for internal epidemic prevention and disinfection or external volunteer work.we have once again shown the excellent spirit of longhan people, who are united and responsible! at the same time, it is our honor and responsibility to contribute to the fight against the epidemic.